Björn Dahlström

Björn Dahlström
Született: 1957

Björn Dahlström was born in 1957 and works as an industrial and graphic designer. He created his own company in 1982. His product design is both esthetically appealing and functional, and is distinguished by soft, fundamental forms. Form and function in symbiosis is typical for Björn Dahlström. He has designed everything from bicycles and toys to outdoor equipment, and of course furniture. Dahlström has worked with a big group of companies, among others Fjällräven, Skeppshult, Playsam, Iittalla, Pukeberg and Primus. He has received numerous awards both in Sweden and abroad, among which are Excellent Swedish Form, Furniture of the Year Sköna Hem, and Design Plus Prize. Björn Dahlström is represented at Röhsska Museum of Fashion, Design and Decorative Arts in Gothenburg and Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


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