Ennio Arosio

Ennio Arosio

A well-known designer on the Italian scene. Active since the 1970s in the furnishing field, he collaborates constantly with national and international brands. He designs for: Chateaux d’Ax, Misuraemme, IVM Office, MDF Italia, etc.
For him, designing means starting from the interpretation of reality and the observation of needs and desires. Starting from suggestions and emotions. Ennio Arosio's projects feature clear-cut designs with an eye for detail and the use of "true materials". His design goes beyond geographic and cultural confines, which enable him, for example, to combine western pragmatism with eastern sensitivity.

For IVM, Ennio Arosio designed the MASTER executive collection.

...... "Master has a rigorous design that conveys simple strength, an essential feature for a solid, personal, prestigious space. It only takes a minute to appreciate the emotions, because quality of image and eye for detail are immediate sensations. It has, in fact, provided a new way of interpreting executive space. And I have to stress the idea of the crystal vase included in the track as a "breakage" element. At that time, IVM understood (perhaps "felt") the need to develop an aesthetic sense that it had and which it only needed to manage to express. Because I conceived that vase dedicating it to the sensitivity of all, in the sense that every person is to put their flower in it"... design is everywhere, in a stone, in a drop, in a smile, in a sound. It is the designer's task to see it and interpret it". Ennio Arosio


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