Khodi Feiz

Khodi Feiz
Született: Iran 1963

Khodi Feiz was born in Iran and has a degree in industrial design from the Syracuse University in the USA. In 1990 Khodi Feiz moved to Holland and started to work for Philips Design until 1998, when he founded his own design bureau with his wife, Anneko Feiz van Dorssen. The company is based in Amsterdam and works primarily with product and furniture design as well as graphic and strategic design. Feiz is inspired by three concepts in his designs: Clarity, Concept, and Context, which runs as a red thread through his design and results in a clear design language, strong concept and adaptability to different settings. Khodi Feiz has been awarded several awards like the Good Design Award, the Red Dot Award, the Accenture Innovation Award and the Game of the Year Award, to mention a few.


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