An established Turkish furniture designer & manufacturer, Parla Design is a 3rd generation family owned business. Seriously committed to supplying the best quality loose & fitted furniture, Parla Design achieves this with a beautiful blend of very experienced traditional handcraft masters working with hitech Italian machinery. Based in Istanbul, the 6000 sq m factory is a hive of activity, producing over 20 containers of furniture a month.

Our efficient and dedicated customer service has allowed us to become a well respected 3rd generation furniture company. We pride ourselves to be dynamic, on point and able to become a dedicated solution partner to all of our customers.
We have stringent quality control systems in place. We use the finest quality materials and very high quality craftsmanship and Italian machinery to achieve an excellent finish that has a 2 year warranty. We also make sure we stay informed of current trends, work with well known British and International designers to create products that have style and substance.
We make our products from locally sourced materials that are produced in the most responsible manner. We believe in sustainability and take steps to lead the way in environmentally friendly manufacturing in Turkey.
We believe in delivering affordable luxury that is beautiful and robust. We have a young, dynamic and forward thinking team that become the client’s partner from day one, making the journey with Parla a pleasure.
We believe in youth, and the fact that they are the future. We support young and upcoming individuals by giving them training and jobs. We also get involved in projects that support disadvantaged groups of people in each country we do work in.
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