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Fellow is a personal piece of furniture that can be formed and shaped individually, changing appearance and characteristics accordingly. Create your own Fellow by selecting different fabrics or leather for different sections. Fellow thrives in locations like hotel lobbys and lounge areas. Fellow is also available without armrests and can be connected to become a sofa.


When nearly all sofas and armchairs are covered with one of the company´s chosen materials, Fellow offers you the opportunity to choose and cover your armchair or sofa with whatever meets your tastes and needs. Perhaps a more conservative choice for a business man in a meeting on Wall Street? Or, why not something colourful for fun loving people in a hotel lobby? The only limits are your creativity. Be part of the result! 

Each Fellow section can be covered in 1 to 3 different colours/fabrics. Maximum one colour per part; front of seat, middle part incl. armrests and backrest. Use our design tool and play with different possibilities!


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