CBS: Flo

Gyártás éve: 2011 több termék ebből az évből

Flo’s unique design offers a range and ease of movement that sets it apart from all other monitor arms. Achieved by the use of Flo Spring Technology the Flo monitor stand has four pending-patents that are unique to its design.

Winner of the red dot award for product design and Cradle to Cradle Silver certified, Flo effortlessly combines sleek aesthetics with excellent functionality. Flo has the greatest range of articulation of all ‘dynamic’ monitor arms, enabling screens to be interchangeable as input (touch) or output (reading) devices.

Flo can be used to support a single or dual monitor screen and functions effortlessly as a tablet stand/iPad mount. Flo can also facilitate various screen set-ups according to the requirements of the working environment.

Flo features a unique visual indicator weight gauge on its forearm and an adjustable tension feature, this delivers significant reductions in installation time while ensuring that all screens are set to the optimum tension for the screen weight - improving usability and performance.

The Flo monitor stand comes with a lifetime warranty and leaves a minimal carbon footprint on the environment by using a limited number of parts due to its unrivalled design purity.


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