CBS: Giselle

Giselle is an elegant post-mounted monitor arm that combines strength with ease of movement. Utilising an internal gas strut, Giselle provides fingertip adjustment over monitors that weigh up to 7kg, making it the ideal solution for multi-user workspaces, such as hot desks and call centres. For wall and slatwall mounting, Giselle X is the optimised design for this application.

Allowing for dynamic fingertip screen adjustment, Giselle monitor arms can be pushed flush onto themselves, creating maximum desk space in front of the monitor. Cable management is also provided with several features that permit the cables to be neatly and safely secured.

Furthermore, Giselle features a quick release monitor mount system that makes screen installation and removal easy, though security screws are readily available should enhanced security be needed.

The Giselle monitor stand is the perfect flexible solution for customers who require easy and effortless adjustments of their monitors.


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