Della Rovere: Uno

UNO is the design office desk collection of DELLA ROVERE designed by Karim Rashid.

Designand elegance are features of that project standing out for formand innovation. The use of innovative materials which are unusual for office furniture though extremely engaging, allow a possible placement of the product even in different circles truly different from the ones it had been originally made for. Home interior, welcome points, shops or galleries become possible areas to definewith the clean line of that model.

UNO design office desk(220x103 h75 cm) has a free-standing moulded body in high density polyurethane; its box is produced in a melamine coated wooden agglomerate and ABS edges. The bearing tripod is chrome plated.

It is lacquered with GLOSSY or EMBOSSED MAT paints in following colours: cloud White, shy Pink, inspired Purple, stormy Black, fresh Green, blossom Orange. A range of METALLIC colours is available, as well: Morning Gold, Water’s Reflection, Free Blue.

On demand it is possible to have customized colours (please select colour from RAL scale or NCS colour)


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T: +36 1 274-0001.

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