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A Dencon desk is solid Danish design through and through, made in Denmark. This makes the Dencon desk a sensible and ergonomic choice for the professional and discerning user.
The wide range and elegant, robust design helps improve the working environment for each employee, and increases job satisfaction and efficiency day to day.
A Dencon sit/stand desk is highly functional and stylish. With flexibility as the key goal, it has been constructed with multiple combination possibilities. The desks are tested for professional use and comply with all Danish and European standards.

How to vary between standing
and sitting while you work:
The most important thing is to vary your position and move around, preferably
three times an hour. Instead of sitting down for too long at a time, you
can switch between standing and sitting position. Remember good posture
and to stand with your body weight evenly distributed on both legs!
• Start by raising your desk and standing for 15 minutes each hour
before you go to lunch.
• Raise your desk just before your lunch break. Then your desk will be in
the right position when you get back from lunch.
• Just after lunch, stand for 15 minutes before lowering your desk to sit
for 45 minutes.
• Raise your desk again every hour, so that you stand up working for 15
minutes each hour for the rest of the day.
• Raise your desk before you leave for the day - then it is ready for the
next day.
Important reservations when varying
between standing and sitting position:
• If you are pregnant, have varicose veins or have a health condition
that may prevent you from standing for 5-15 minutes at a time every
hour, you should contact your doctor to make sure that this will not be
detrimental to your health.
• If you would like to stand up to work, you need to make this a habit,
and get your body accustomed to standing up to work. Therefore, it is
not certain that you can stand for very long at a time, so start with five
• Remember that you MUST switch between standing and sitting, and
move around as much as possible in between. It is not healthy either
to stand up and work all day - the ideal situation is to vary between
sitting and standing.


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