Offecct: Grow

The sofa Grow is designed by the Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara. The development of Grow has been a long journey. Both the designer and Offecct have striven for perfection of quality and design while also incorporating optimal environmental elements. The result is a modern, modular sofa with an international look. It is austere but still soft, and despite its size and weight it appears almost to hover above the floor. Grow is minimalist but also filled with possibilities. In that respect it resembles its creator, whose design style is always understated and poetic. The modular sofa Grow is available in two models, both of which feature an ingenious and attractive built in table in the armrest. While providing a useful place to put a tray, the armrest as a whole naturally creates a separate zone and some seclusion for people who want to be private in a foyer or waiting room. The corner module with a divan section is well suited to a home environment or more intimate public setting. “Contrasts are exciting. I wanted to create the feeling of a sofa that looks firm but is soft to sit on. It has a generous depth and the two back cushions create an inviting impression”, says Teruhiro Yanagihara. Optional trays in aluminum. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Seat and back in cold foam with flameproof fiber. Upholstery in fabric or leather. Wooden frame with Nozag spring system. Legs in chrome.


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